"This is our passion, this is our life. Feel the thunder, live the race!"




The team`s #1 pilot


Hilde B.J. Ertnes is OFF TOPIC World Offshore Racings #1 pilot, and she`s the team`s first priority whenever it comes to first class equiptment. That`s simply because she`s the better racer.


Hilde started out witNew used Donzi 38 ZRC from Aeromarine Laminates, back in 2007. This was powerd by a standard Zenoah 260 gas engine. She did ok with that boat in racing, but she needed something better and more powerfull to reach higher, so in 2008 we built her a brand new boat. Another Donzi, but built with the best parts and a much more powerfull engine. In 2008 she came 3rd in the Norwegian Championship. For the 2009 season she wanted to race one more class, and another brand New Donzi was built for her by OFF TOPIC`s R&D section. This time With a CMB91RS nitro engine. That year she ended 4th in that class, and qualified for the World Championship in Hungary 2010.


To compete in the WC she needed a better boat, so during the Winter 2010 we built her a Rico Offshore, also with a CMB91RS. This hull was custom made for her in full carbon.

The result in Hungary was a very good 14th Place out of 46 competitors. Click the link below to see a video from her first heat in Hungary.



In the 2011 season she again qualified for the WC, this time in Germany. Now she wanted a New Offshore 15 boat witch was even better than the Rico. So we built her a Delta Force 90 MKII, again With a CMB91RS engine (see Picture on the left). By now she was all in for just this class.

Unfortunatly everything went wrong in Germany, With lots of engine problems.


The 2013 she took a break, and only raced a few races in Norway, but during the Winter 2014 a brand New DF90MKII is being built for her. Full carbon/Kevlar hull, and the trusted CMB91RS as Power.

Viverra Orci


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